Plans for Plushies

The Among Us plushies are perfect for pretend play of all ages. Elementary aged, teenagers, and even adults! 

Our house has four children… very creative children. After they have put in enough screen time playing Among Us, I tell them to go find something to do.

We have small plushies (4 inch) and medium plushies (8 inch) to work with. I had originally planned on saving them for Christmas gifts, but the kids were so excited so I let them go ahead and have their toys early!

Here are some of the things they’ve done with their free time and a good supply of plushies, craft supplies, sport equipment, a phone, the local park, etc.

Bowling for Plushies

Did you know that you can choose 10 plushies, line them up like bowling pins in the hallway, use a small ball, and play a whole game? I didn’t know either, but that was an entertaining game at about 11pm. Evidently the last bowling pin/plushie is the Impostor.

This is a great activity for all ages, and with the long winter days indoors during the holidays, kids need physical movement to burn off the extra energy. 

These Among Us plushies line up like bowling pins!

Crafting for Plushies

My girls are very crafty with felt. They have been slowly creating all of the Among Us hat options. This is a cheap and fun idea for all ages.

Supplies needed: A pile of different colored felts, a hot glue gun or needle and thread, scissors, elastic bands (optional)

Also needed: some creativity, a good sense of humor; and a bit of understanding to know it might take 2 or 3 tries to get it right

Beginner project: The DUM sticky note hat. Cut one small square of off-white felt. With needle and thread, sew the letters D-U-M into the middle of it. Done!!

Challenger project: The flamingo hat. We still haven’t come up with a solution for this one!

The felts naturally “stick” to the plushies or can have headbands added to them. You will be amazed with what kids can design when given supplies and time. Play some music in the background too!

Stop-Action Videos

To make stop-action videos, my kids sketch out a play “script” of the basic things they want the characters to do. Then they take photos of a plushie moving in small increments for each photo. These are put together into a video. This is beyond my tech capabilities, but all of my kids have learned this skill somewhere! 

With multiple Among Us plushies, plots can be of family adventures, space themed (of course)!, a day at the zoo (using supplemental stuffed animals), travel around town, etc. These are then used for the next item on our Plans for Plushies list:

Social Media Posting

My kids are very IG, TikTok, SnapChat, etc savvy and want to score a ton of views and comments. They start with taking a photo of a strategically placed plushie at school, home, the car, or out shopping. Sometimes they involve their friends. They have cool friends that are also super into Among Us anything! Next, upload to the platform and add a few hashtags. Post it! 

Fan Art… something else for Among Us teen fans to create!
Fan Art… something else for Among Us teen fans to create!

While the Among Us game has given my teens hours of fun while also learning strategies and the powers of debate, I’ve found the Among Us plushies (basically stuffed animals at a “cool” level) to be just as fun as they work together to be creative while also being away from their screens.

Share with us in the Comments below some of the creative things your kids have done with their Among Us plushies!