Is Among Us Free to Play?

Many people are asking if Among Us is on PC, or on XBOX, or PS4. The answer is both yes and no. Read on for more!

The extremely popular Among Us game launched as an Android mobile game. Because of the original Android code, it was easily ported to the Nintendo Switch and the PC (through the Steam platform), where it is available for only $5. It has just been announced (in late March of 2021) that Among Us is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2021, although a specific release date has not yet been shared.

Interestingly, all versions of Among Us are currently supporting cross-play capabilities. Why is that important? It means users can play with each other no matter which of the system they’re running on. Gamers who run for free on Android or IOS for free can host and join games just like PC-users who paid full price. While that might make it seem like the different versions of the title are identical, there are actually some major differences between the mobile app and Among Us on other platforms.

The free-to-play version of Among Us shows advertisements on Among Us’ main menu and collects users’ personal data, like a majority of freemium games. According to the developer, it doesn’t sell gamers’ personal information – but it holds the right to “disclose” that data to its “service providers,” which include “e-commerce and merchandising service providers.”

It’s crazy that it only took a few months for “Among Us” to go from an obscure game with friends about beans in space to one of the biggest hits in a long time. Blame it on the pandemic, the recent American election, or whatever else strikes the fancy of internet gameers, but it turns out that people really love murdering their friends when they least expect it, and then chucking their other friends out of airlocks.

“Among Us” started as a free app on iPhone and Android devices in early 2018, and the $5 paid Windows version was released shortly after. This has made the game accessible not only to gamers, but also to Twitch streamers, who may be the ones who are actually responsible for the amazing success.

But is Among Us available on PS4 or PS5? It is not and it seems there are no plans. The developers appears to be ignoring this group of gamers for the time being as no announcements have been made.

The developer of Among Us has instead chosen a one-time purchase model for its PC and Switch version but opted for a microtransaction-based, freemium model on mobile.

Purchasing the game for $5 on PC or the Switch will unlock all of Among Us’s premium cosmetics that cost $2 each on the mobile version.

So in short, is Among Us Free to Play? Yes, if you’re on a mobile device. But if you’re on a PC or Nintendo Switch, prepare to pay $5. Depending on your play style, the latter option may be even cheaper as you don’t need to pay to unlock more cosmetic upgrades like your mobile counterparts.

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